Affidavit of Status

Declaring your status in an affidavit of status.
Creator endowed rights.

This deals with establishing your status as a
creation of your Creator. God who endowed you with rights.

Both the state and federal governments would have you believe they control every facet of your life.
State and federal legislators Congress, State governors and presidents would have you believe they can create legislation and sign it into law and take away or diminish your rights in the process.

However, if you know your rights, they do not have the authority to take away or diminish a single one of your rights.
Our rights originate from our Creator.
Government’s not content to live within their limited delegation of authority given them by the people have attempted to subvert our thinking into believing governments can do as they will and we must accept their every vote, rule regulation ordinance and law as having lawful effect upon our Creator endowed rights.

The state only has authority over what governments have created.
The state has created corporations as artificial persons.
One thing you may or may not know is that the state has created an all capital letters fiction name that looks very similar to your real name.
Have you noticed that every document you ever received from any city county state or federal

government bureaucracy or agency has what looks like your name in all capital letters Social Security card driver’s license

Birth of certificate.
Every corporation you receive a billing statement from does likewise.
The all-caps name if you will is an artificial person fiction corporation created by the state,
we simply call that the straw man.
That fiction straw man is subject to every whim of its creator. That straw man is subject to the code’s rules regulations contracts, assessments, and laws of the state. But the straw man is not the real live you, the real living flesh and blood.

Man or woman breathes air and exhales carbon dioxide and bleeds when the skin is cut. The straw man is subject to the state because it is a fictional creation of the state.
The straw man is endowed by the state with certain benefits and privileges to pay for licenses and to be
subject to all kinds of fees assessments and taxes.

The living breathing flesh and blood man or woman is only subject to his or her creator who endowed the living individual with rights.

This is a true and proper order of things. This is what we must know and comprehend in order to stand up for our rights and be able to defend our rights.

Your Creator created you and endowed you the living breathing man or woman with rights.
The Constitution is the law of the land that recognizes and protects your Creator endowed rights. God, Man, then courts that is the order.

The Constitution requires all who desire to run for office or otherwise serve in government to take an oath or affirmation which means they are bound by oath or affirmation to defend all. Every Judge.
Your status as being one of the people being a creation of God your Creator.

Tens of thousands of individuals across this country are so declaring their living status by signing and having notarized an affidavit of status, then the affidavit of status is taken to their local County Courthouse and recorded as a miscellaneous filing with their recorders office or auditor’s office or other appropriate offices for filing of public records. You can then ask and pay for a certified copy of your recorded affidavit of status, attach a certified copy of your affidavit of status to every letter you send to any government bureaucrat or agent that wants to contract with you.

Tell them you do not wish to contract with them. you are not obliged or obligated to contract with them because you are standing on your rights and the state cannot require you to give up a right for privileges.
You are one of the people whom they serve.
They have no delegation of authority to convert your right into privileges.
For instance, the right to travel is a part of the Liberty of which a citizen cannot be deprived without due process of law under the fifth amendment. Kent versus Dulles 357 u.s. 116 pages 125 through 127 from 1958 quotes, The right of the citizen to travel upon the public highways and to transport his
property thereon by horse-drawn carriage wagon or automobile is not a mere privilege which may be permitted or
prohibited at will but the common right which he has under his right to life
liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
Constitutional law section 329 page 1135, quote the right of the citizen to travel upon the highway and to transport his property thereon in the ordinary course of life and business differs radically and obviously from that of one who makes the highway his place of business for private gain.

  1. The public road is our right.
    Extensive research has not turned up one case or authority acknowledging the state’s power to convert the individuals right to travel upon their public roads into a privileged therefore it is concluded that the citizen does have a right to travel and transport his property upon the public highways and roads and the exercise of this right is not a privilege.

The state has no authority to convert a right into a mere privilege this applies to all your rights including your right to acquire and possess the best tools you can locate or afford in order to exercise your right to defend your rights the Second Amendment doesn’t give you any rights you didn’t already by your Creator God.

The state cannot convert any of your rights into a mere privilege. The state also does not possess the authority to define your rights for you so don’t let them

Government is a fiction of the mind and can only be created by the people affected by the people and overseen by the people for the benefit of the people number four your affiant at all times claims all in waves none of his god-given secured and guaranteed rights pursuant to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of theUnited States of America has ratified with the articles of the amendment.

Pursuant to the Constitution of the United States of America has ratified1791 with the articles of the amendment article six-paragraph two quotes this constitution and the laws of the UnitedStates which shall be made in pursuance thereof and all treaties made under the authority of the United States shall be the supreme law of the land and the judges in every State shall be bound thereby anything in the Constitution or laws of any state to the contrary notwithstanding. affiant notices that as a matter of their lawful compliance to the reference institution, any of the people while functioning in any public capacity in return for the trust of the people are granted limited delegated authority of and by the people with specific duties delineated in accordance thereof shall only do so pursuant to a lawfully designated sworn and subscribed oath of office and all bonds required.

Affiant notices that the only court authorized by the reference Constitution to hear matters of the people is a court that conforms to and functions in accordance with article three section two of the reference constitution in which all officers of the court abide by their sworn an oath of office and support and defend the rights of the people and are heard only trial by jury and accordance with all aspects of due process of law.

This constitution is established to ensure that the Dominion granted by God to all people on The land shall endure and ensure forever that these people on this land be free from any and all slavery indentured tyranny and oppression under color of any law statute code policy
procedure or of any other type.

Pursuant to this constitution affiant can not be compelled manipulated extorted
tricked threatened placed under duressor coerced or so affected under color of law by any natural person with individually or in any capacity as or under any artificial person agency entity officer or party into the waiver of any of affiants rights or to act in contradiction. Therefore to act opposite of the moral conscience and dominion granted affiant by God nor can be deprived of any of these rights privileges and immunities, except by the lawful process.

No politician can deprive you of a right or even attempt to diminish your rights. They do not have the authority, but if you don’t know if
you are a living breathing man or woman or if you are just a fiction straw man, then how can you assert your rights in the first place?

A man or woman with rights means politicians governors or presidents have no authority to alter amend diminish or deprive you of a right.

But if you don’ know the difference between acting like and declaring you are a living breathing man or woman or if you’re just a fiction straw man, then you will be assured to be
treated like a straw man. by nearly all
politicians governors and presidents
every moment for the rest of your life they will watch and take from you if you don’t know who you are or where your rights come from or who has the authority to give or take away your rights, then you will just get beaten up. Declare who you are let your politicians your congressmen your senators and governor and president know that you will not be mistreated and abused any longer. You are your government’s master. Let your public servants know.
Pursuant to 42 USC section 1983 and 18
USC 241 and 242

Take public servants in federal court for deprivation of your rights under color of law.

There is no law and there can never be a law that would allow any, congressman, senator governor or president to deprive or diminish a right from people on the land.

stop acting like a straw man.

You are not a straw man.

stop living below the line where the congressmen and senators and governors and presidents will abuse you day in and day out unless you actually enjoy that feeling.

Then start living above the line and know your rights.

Rights are all you really have. When you get to know them they cover nearly every facet of your life
Remember you are a creation of God witch the courts recognize.