My story

A few weeks ago I got into a traffic accident that was not my fault.
I was arrested for an expired driver’s license, that expired in 1994 in the state of Georgia
It is now 2019
I left the state of Ga1993 and acquired a license in another state.
I have an expired license in 6 states.
Because that’s where I lived at that time.

After the accident, I was handcuffed taken to the hospital by the police.
I was not injured and told them I was not injured but was takin anyway.
I was chained to a gurney with leg irons and handcuffed for 9 hours for an expired license..

After I was checked out I was then taken to jail eye scanned not fingerprinted.
They took $ 251.00 in cash my cellphone wallet keys and put in another location 10 miles away in the property for me to pick when I got out.
I spent about four hours on a bench and did what’s called a signature bond,
I was put out on the street at 4 AM with no money no cellphone wallet or keys.

They gave me some paperwork from the jail and said that they would get me on the Marta train.
The train didn’t start running till five so I walked around for an hour talking to the homeless.
The people I met all had the same problem… addiction.

The one-man Antwon at the age of 72 was lying on a sloped hill with a backpack under his head smoking a cigarette. I said hi and we talked a while. He was clean and well-spoken.
We had a few things in common like fishing and mussel cars.
Along with his backpack, he has a small framed two wield dolly with a few bags strapped to it.
He gets 1,200 dollars a month for disability and spends it all on crack cigarettes and a few
miscellaneous items throughout the month.
He has a wife two brothers, two sisters, and 6 grandchildren.

A few feet away was Yolanda, she was a sweet 81-year-old woman lying on a concrete slab covered in a couple of thin
blankets with bags of clothes piled around and three candles lit in a semi-circle at her side while reading a book.
She gets 1. 300 dollars s a month and spends all of it on crack alcohol and candles.
She has four brothers, two sisters, and 14 grandchildren,

A few feet away sitting alone is Tirown he is 45 years old and was sitting up with his legs in a sleeping bag rolling
up a cigaret.
He had a shopping cart full of cans broomstick handles and other miscellaneous things covered in plastic.
I didn’t speak to him at length because of if issues with bipolar.
He would get in a confused state of mind and start talking about things that make him angry and at
times I would feel that I was in danger of being attacked so I didn’t stick around.
After saying my goodbyes to Yolanda and Antwon I went to the train station.

I didn’t see any Marta employees so I went through an open gate, I was soon stopped by MARTA police,
I showed him the paperwork that I was told to give from the jailers.
They told me that wouldn’t work and that the jailers do that all the time.
they told me that I could not get on the train and had to leave.

I then had to beg for money on the street from people who were out smoking cigarettes in a cubbyhole at the greyhound
bus station where drug dealers are racing around on scooters stalking the busses
that were coming in on a regular basis with 2 cop cars within sight of each other and five security guard
walking the property 1 block from the jail.
Finally, i scraped up enough money to get on the train and go to the location where my property was.
The location where my property was didn’t open until 9:00. It was 630. When the doors finally opened,
I went in and retrieved my cellphone that was dead, keys wallet and a check for 251.00 dollars from the cash
they took, at the time of my Haynes crime.
They told me the paperwork they gave me would get my vehicle released.
After leaving, I had to again beg for money to get on the bus to get to a bank to cash the check.
I would have called for a lift but the cellphone was dead.

There is a lot of walking in between all of this.

After Cashing a check that cost me $8.00, I walked across the parking lot to Kroger and asked the lady
behind the counter, if I could charge my phone.
I let it charge for thirty min while I went to get a bite to eat.
I then called for a lift to go and pick up my vehicle. A $39.00 charge for the lift.
After arriving at the tow yard I gave the paperwork that I was told would get my vehicle out… it was not.
they told me that I needed to get a release form from the place where I just left an hour ago.
Witch I now than had to get another lift to go back down to the place I just left. paying $47.00
After arriving I went in took a number and waited 1 hour45 min for them to tell me I needed a title or registration.

I then paid another 47.00 dollars to go back to the tow yard to pick up the registration in the
glove box that was only a few feet away an hour ago.
Paying another 47 dollars more to go back to the property, to give them my registration to get a release form.
I picked a number and waited for 1hour 20 min.
Paying another 47 dollars to go back to the tow yard.

After arriving at the tow yard, I was told I needed to pay $175.00 for the removal fee. 175.00 storage fee and $75.00 four
notification fee.
The notification letter was sent by the police department to notify me by mail to an address they don’t have
to notify me where the vehicle is located.
I have not yet received that letter.

Doesn’t the person that sent the letter paid by the state taxes to do that.
Is the paper and ink envelope stamp paid for by the people?

Why do they charge $75.00 dollars to send a letter in the mail?
Because they want to, and we are too ignorant to do anything about it.
In total it was $650.00

In the next video, I will repeat a couple of times so that it will become more clear to you about what’s going on in this
country and our courtrooms.
What your government don’t want you to know is the thousands of codes rules and regulations it is
fraudulently applying to free people when you signed the contract with your driver’s license.
Your Government does not want you to know is that the DMV is for commercial purposes only.
It also doesn’t want you to know is your driver’s license is a military commercial license documented fraudulent contract.
All of that will be explained in detail in the next video

I met a young girl in the hallway outside the courtroom who was cited for having a tag light out in broad daylight.
Without being educated who could possibly fight this in our court system.
It is a crime misdemeanor punishable by one year in prison. If you don’t think they will put you in jail for a tag light or headlight out see what happens when you don’t pay them.
It is a crime… against who?
It is a crime against the state, not against another person.
What harm or loss did the state suffer at the time of the violation? revenue.
She was found guilty and was charged $140 and put on probation and was ordered to pay $40.00
a month for six months.