Corruption in our judicial system


The reason for making this video is to inform the public of the fraud in our public traffic courts. The fraudulent activity our local police are doing to collect revenue . and fraud at the DMV.

In this video, I’m going to expose the court system and how they illegally proceed in all criminal traffic courts.
I will go over in detail What the DMV is for and why it operates under uniform commercial code.
I will explain why all drivers licenses are commercial contracts
Why all drivers licenses are fraudulent contracts.
Why all traffic citations are commercial code violations.
Why all traffic citations are commercial and crimes under the business Corporation, your state, but not a crime under common law.
I will reveal 2 you five things about your Driver’s license you don’t know about.
I am not an attorney and this is not legal advice.
If you want legal advice, hire an attorney.
However, the information in this video did not come from youtube. google. or any other source other than law books, legal dictionary, and case law.

This hidden information is not for the public, until now.

Your government does not want you to know your rights.
If you don’t know your rights you can be sure they will be taken away.
The sad thing is we don’t know that the constitution gives us rights, Which is the supreme law of the land.
If you don’t know your constitutional rights then you won’t know how to apply it in a court of law when your government tries to tread on them.
The Constitution is the most important document that applies to free people in this country.
One of the reasons our forefathers came over here is to get away from government and they created the constitution to protect us from it.
It keeps government restrained.

Can you remember when you were given the constitution to read?
Why do you think your government gave it to you at such an early age?
So you wouldn’t understand it and forget about it.
Who runs our public schools…. your government.
Your government is not going to teach you what they don’t want you to know.
You can pick up a free copy of the constitution in most city courthouses.
pick one up and study it, and know how to apply it.
Don’t let your government tread on your rights.

I’ve seen every video on youtube not having to show driver’s license at roadblocks, Immigration checkpoints and right to travel without a driver’s license, or registration.
All that is true, but none of them explain why you don’t have to have a driver’s license or registration or show your ID at DUI checkpoints or immigration checkpoints, Until now.

All of that will be explained in this video.
This is all hidden information that your government doesn’t want you to know.
and you won’t get this out of any judge or an attorney.

Let’s start with the DMV.

If you go to Google maps and type in Wilkie D. Ferguson Jr. U.S. Courthouse in Miami Florida, you will see the Hull of a ship on top of the building. What that means is they brought the UCC of the high seas to land and applied them to be ignorant.
The hull of a ship on the top of that building is not happenstance.. it is a deliberate slap in the face to the public.
This is not intended for the public to see.
You can’t distinguish what it is from the ground.
Where are the engines usually on a ship?
At the stern, where the air conditioning and cooling system is.
The smokestack is an all-glass skylight.
They didn’t realize when the building was completed, that Google maps was going to launch the same year.

The DMV is for commercial purposes only because it operates under U C C.
UCC stands for uniform commercial code.
Uniform Commercial Codes are established to regulate the international trade of sales and other business transactions of goods, for commerce, profit a regulated activity on the high seas.
Our government adopted those codes that were created for international trade on the high seas and brought to land and applied them to the ignorant.
Uniform Commercial Code is one of the primary sources of contract law in the u.s.
It is one of many model laws or uniform laws.
UCC is a model law, that our states have adopted so it’s not the law.
by itself, UCC has no legal force.

If the DMV is for commercial purposes only then it can only issue a commercial license,
So when you get a driver’s license which all are commercial license contracts, you agreed to abide by all the uniform commercial codes that were created for international trade on the high seas, commerce.
You have to ask yourself what has that got to do with traveling on the public road.
That is just one of the hidden secrets.

Motor carrier act. Federal statute administered by UCC which regulated routes rates for Motor carriers of freight and
passengers in interstate commerce, and Toll roads that only apply to those using the highway in a commercial capacity.
What is code? Blacks law.
A systematic collection of compendium or revision of laws rules or regulations, uniform commercial code.

                                               DRIVERS LICENSE

How can you tell if you have a commercial license contract?
That one word on the front of your Driver’s license.
That one-word, driver is a commercial term.
English law.
A driver is one who’s being paid for the delivery of goods or persons of the like.
Truck driver, bus driver. delivery driver. taxi driver. Limousine driver. stagecoach driver.
If you are not being paid to drive then you are simply traveling on a public road that is your right to use.

If you are traveling in your car down the road with your hands on the steering wheel and your foot on the gas.
you’re not driving.
Technically in English law. Traveling. Blacks law. A traveler is going from point A to point B.
Is a public road free?
Are you public?
If you are not a driver you don’t need a driver’s license to travel on a public road that you have the right to use.

Your state will tell you it is a privilege for you to drive on the road or highway. that is true. when you signed that contract it gave you that privilege.
What the state won’t tell you is you gave up a right to travel on it to gain the privilege to drive.
Your Driver’s license is a commercial licensed contract your State requires you to have.
That’s true.
Required, Not law.
It is not a crime under common law to travel on a public road in your private conveyance without a license or registration.
If you never get a driver’s license contract then they cannot legally charge you with any traffic violations, which are uniform commercial codes.

Title 18 United States Code subsection 31 under Motor Vehicle… it says… the term motor vehicle means every description of carriage or conveyance propelled, drawn by mechanical power and used for commercial purposes.

The State will always say you were driving on the road.
They will never say you were traveling on a public road.
If the state claims you were driving then they have to prove who was paying you to drive.

Our government creates hundreds of new codes every year and applies them to us.
Is it to protect us from each other?
Or is it for the benefit of revenue and control?

Behind every code, there is a price to pay for violating it, and there are thousands of codes That our government doesn’t even know how many there are.
If it’s not a contract then why does your name have to be on it?
The DMV will tell you it’s not a commercial license or contract.
If the DMV issues a noncommercial license then why is commercial code applied to it?

.What is a contract? Two or more named parties on a document that is enforceable by law.
Your name and the state’s name.
Your name is on there twice, your signature once and in all capital letters.
All capital letters is a symbol, the straw man a corporation that makes you an affiliate to the state and is bound by all the rules and regulations of the commercial highway. But that contract was null and void before you put your name on it.
And when you signed your name on that contract and the other named party, your state, new when you signed that contract that you were not giving full discloser.
its fraud. Blacks law. Fraud. an intentional perversion of truth for the purpose of inducing another in reliance upon it to part with some valuable thing belonging to him or to surrender a legal right, a false representation of a matter of fact whether by words or by conduct by false or misleading allegations or by concealment of that which should have been disclosed.
What gives you the right to travel on a public road?
Are you public?,,, Yes. is public free? Yes.
Who gets to use it?, you do, When, how and what with, so long as you use it for what it is intended for and no one has suffered a loss or harm from your actions.
There is no authority that can tell you…you can’t use what is your right to use.

It is your inalienable right, your god-given right, your tax-paying right, and the right that was given to us by our forefathers to travel on a public highway and not have to pay a fee for it.
No state can convert a right into a privilege and charge a fee for it. Blacks law
Natural law. This expression, natural law, or just natural, was largely used in the philosophical speculation of the Roman jurist of the Antonine age and was intended to denote a system of rules and principles for the guidance of human conduct which, independently of enacted law or of the systems peculiar to anyone people might be discovered by the rational intelligence of man and would be found to grow out of it and conform to his natural meaning by that word his whole mental, moral and physical constitution.


LICENSE – A personal privilege to do some particular act or series of acts on land, without possessing any estate or interests therein and is ordinarily revocable at the will of the licensor.
The permission or otherwise, not allowable, people verses Henderson.
Without it would be a trespass, a tort to do an act which without such permission would be illegal. So if you don’t have a driver’s license and you get a citation for not having one, your trespassing.
How can you trespass on a public road that is your right to use?
A driver’s license is not to show that you can operate a motor vehicle.
It is to bind you in a contract and follow all of the thousands of codes rules and regulations of the commercial highway.
Its to generate revenue when you violate commercial code which all commercial code violations are crimes, and everyone who travels the public roads will violate UCC.
Under common law, If there is no victim, there is no crime.
You don’t need a license to do anything on public land.
Why do we ask permission from our government to do what we have the right to do? Because we are ignorant.
Ignorant is rampant in this country.
We are led to believe that our government is in place to protect our life liberty and pursuit of happiness, but it is always the first to try and take it.
You have a choice.
Sign the contract with your government and give up your constitutional rights and fallow thousand of codes rules and regulations that give you permission to do what you have the right to do.
or… not contract and fallow common law, man’s law, natural law, constitutional law, which is the supreme law of the land.
You have a right to not contract.
Public use. Black’s law. The use must be a need for one for the public which cannot be surrendered. .
Public road. A Highway, a road or way established and adopted or accept it as a dedication by the proper authorities for the use of the general public and over which every person has a right to pass and to use it for all purposes of travel or transportation. Blacks law. Road. A highway or public passage a line of travel or communication extending from one town or place to another.
A strip of land appropriated and used for purposes of travel and communication between different places. Blacks law.
Highway. A free and public roadway, or street one which every person has the right to use. In popular usage, it refers to a main public road and connecting towns or streets. The entire width between boundaries of every publicly maintained way when any part is open to use of the public for purposes of vehicular traffic. Blacks law. Common highway. The road to being used by the community at large for any purpose of transit or traffic. Blacks Law. Highwayman. A bandit, one who robs travelers upon the highway.
Our police are supposed to serve and protect us instead they harass and collect from us.
They should be in our neighborhood protecting our family and homes… that’s where the crime is and that’s what we pay them for.
But there’s no revenue in it.
It’s out on the street collecting revenue from UCC violators.
They used to call it pirates on the high seas now its pirates on the highways. In the next part of this video I will show how traffic courts should operate and to prepare you for the next video on how to get all and any traffic violations not involving another party all dismissed.


Plaintive. blacks law. a person who brings an action, the party who complains or sues in a civil action and is so named on the record a person who seeks remedy 4 and injury to rights; it designates a complainant.

In order for the courts to have a case in criminal traffic court… there must be two parties, a plaintiff, and a defendant.
You can not have a plaintiff and no defendant and you cant have a defendant and no plaintiff.
The courts always illegally proceed without a plaintiff.
In order for the courts to have a case, Jane Doe must go downtown to the court and file a claim as the named complaining party who has suffered a loss when John doe stole Jane does car.

John doe has the right to confront his accuser who has filed the complaint that names him.
So now Jane doe has filed a legal valid complaint that is on record who is seeking compensation from the actions of the defendant John doe.
That claim is sent to the district attorney’s office and the District Attorney Files it with the court.
So now the courts can legally proceed with a criminal court case.

Any and all traffic violation not involving another party, there is not going to be a plaintiff on record that names you as the defendant and there has to be an order for them to have a case.

When you get a traffic citation one of thousands of commercial codes if no one has suffered a loss or harm from your actions there’s not going to be a complaining party on record and there has to be in order for them to have Hey court case.

Your question is. A crime against who,? It’s a crime against the state, a business Corporation. what loss or harm did the state suffer at the exact moment violated commercial code?
You have the right to confront your accuser who has filed a complaint in a criminal traffic court. Why does our court illegally proceed without a valid complaining party?
Because they want to., and because the general public is too ignorant to know the difference.

if there was a valid claim it would be a false claim.
Blacks law a false claim is A statement or a claim which is not true.
The police officer is only a witness. to what crime? Against who?
and what loss or harm did the State suffer at the exact moment from your actions on the day in question When you got a traffic citation.

If the state is a party to the case then it cant be the judge and the prosecutor. The case must be moved to a higher court, Or the case can be dismissed.
It is a victimless crime.
If there is no victim there is no crime.
What is the definition of a business Corporation? Blacks law. a corporation organized for the purpose of caring on business for profit,
It is a crime against the state because you signed the contract agreeing to abide by all the rules and regulations of the commercial highway.

Why are there so many thousands of codes rules and regulations? to protect us from each other?
or is it for the benefit of revenue and more control?
It is a multi-billion dollar business and you’re not in it.
It is a Uniform commercial code violation that the DMV operates under.
Some people hope the police won’t show up to court and they’ll dismiss the case.
That is true, or, they’ll give you another court date, hoping that you can’t afford to take another day off and just pay the fine, and that’s what they count on. now that you have a complete understanding of how the courts are supposed to operate,
Go to the website, Right to travel dot info. and I will show you when you walk into your courtroom that they are going to be operating under the laws of the land and how you will enforce those laws in order for you to have a fair hearing and have your ticket dismissed in the process. it is a feeling like no other