Civil law- Birth Certificate

There are two kinds of law on the earth
that rule the whole world but most people don’t know that.
All over the world, all governments are ruled by what is called civil law.
Civil law goes back to a Latin word Sevilla which goes back to the word illy.
Civil law is called in all countries the law of the land.
You might say well you can’t do that because that’s against the law of the land.
The law of the land is civil law, Roman civil law, law of the land.
There is a second law that also operates all over the earth and is identical, it’s called UCC Uniform Commercial Code. That is the law of God in the world of business. If you have a company if you have a corporation if you are doing business where you buy and sell and make money. All countries work on the same commercial code. Everybody plays on a level field.
The most severe law in this world is called UCC Uniform Commercial Code.
it is the Bible of business on the earth Uniform Commercial Code.
Uniform Commercial Code is based directly on the Vatican canon law on the Roman canon law.
Consequently, when a ship pulls into port it pulls in and stops in its called in its birth.
The ship is now in its berth because it is the law of the high seas or commercial maritime law commercial law rules of the seas.
When a ship pulls into its berth the first thing the captain must do is to present a certificate of manifest to the port authorities, which means that the port authorities need to know how much is on the ship that you’re bringing into our country and our economy. Whatever you bringing, what is it and how much? You have to have a certificate of manifest of what is the value of your ship?
Consequently when you were born you come out of your mother’s water, therefore you must have a birth certificate.
A certificate of manifest, because you are a corporation owned item. You are a human resource. This goes back to the German Nazi concept that every human coming out of their mother’s water must be birthed and therefore you have to have a certificate a manifest to see how much this individual is going to make for us. When you began to understand the laws, symbols, codes, emblems and what these words mean you’re never going to suspect how corrupt our judicial system is to the People. Did you know for instance that your birth certificate is a security on the stock exchange in the New York stock market?
All birth certificates in this country will tell you this is printed on security papers do not accept if not on full-color security paper and you will always have a series of numbers read numbers printed on the birth certificate. Those numbers are a security stock exchange number on the world Stock Exchange.
Why because you are worth money to the international bank that bought you in 1930.