Public Road

Keyword, Public. What does that mean to you?
Every street drive court road avenue is public… Free

Common highway. The road to being used by the community at large for any purpose of transit or traffic.
Blacks law 6th addition. It does not say how when or with what.

The business corporation, your state that creates commercial code, says you are
required, not a law to get a commercial license, Insurance, and registration that gives you permission
to use that witch is yours.

Go to the D.M. V and ask them for a non-commercial or regular license, They don’t have it.

Highway. A free and public roadway, or street one which every person has the right to use.
In popular usage, it refers to a main public road and connecting towns or streets.
The entire width between boundaries of every publicly maintained way when any part is open to use of the public
for purposes of vehicular traffic.

Highwayman. A bandit one who robs travelers upon the highway. Blacks law 6th addition Your local police.

They use to call it pirates on the high seas now its pirates on the highways.

Public passage. The right subsisting in the public to pass over a body of water whether the land under it is
public or owned by a private person. Blacks law 6th addition

Public road. A highway. A road or way established and adopted or accept it as a dedication by the proper authorities for the use of general public and over which every person has a right to pass and to use it for all purposes of travel or transportation. Blacks law 6th addition

Public use. The use. must be a need for the public which cannot be surrendered, unless you allow it. Blacks law 6th addition
Guess what… You surrendered the right when you signed that contract.

Road. A highway or public passage a line of travel or communication extending from one town or place to another.
A strip of land appropriated and used for purposes of travel and communication between different places.
Blacks law 6th addition

No city county state government can tell you when or how to use what is rightfully yours, so long it is used for what it was intended for, and you caused no harm or loss to no one.

It is your inalienable tax-paying right, god-given right and the right that was given to us by our forefathers to travel on the public highway and not have to pay a fee for it. Drivers license insurance registration.
Business corporation. A corporation organized for the purpose of carrying on a business for profit.
Blacks law 6th addition.
The business corporation creates commercial code and applies it to free People
Its a business a multi-billion dollar business and you ain’t in it.

The supreme court has ruled that your private automobile is considered to be consumer goods, and no license is required of free people.

On 6th Sep I got in a traffic accident and was not a falt.
I was arrested for an expired driver’s license, that expired in 1997.
I have an expired license in 6 states
I was not injured refused treatment but taken to hospital… chained to a gurney with leg irons and handcuffed for 9 hours begging for water.

After I was checked out I was then taken to jail eye scanned not fingerprinted.
They took my money cellphone and put in another location 10 miles away,
for me to pick when I got out.

I was put out on the street at 4 AM with no money no cellphone.
Ther ya good luck.

they gave me some paperwork that would get me on the MARTA train.
I didn’t see any Marta employees so I went through an open gate, I was stopped by Marta police, showed him the paperwork that I was told to give. They told me that wouldn’t work and that the jailers do that all the time.
they told me that I could not get on the train.

I then had to beg for money on the street from people who were out smoking cigarettes at the greyhound
bus station where drug dealers running around on scooters stalking the busses
that were coming in on a regular basis with 2 cop cars within sight of each other and five security guard
walking the property 1 block from the jail.
Finally, I scraped up enough money to get on the train and go to the location where my property was.
The location where my property was didn’t open until 9:00. It was 630. When the doors finally opened,
I went in and retrieved my cellphone that was dead, keys wallet and a check for the money that they had taken for me.
they told me the paperwork they gave me would get my vehicle released.
After leaving, I had to again beg for money to get on the bus to get to a bank.

and there is a lot of walking in between all of this.

After Cashing a check 8.00 I then called for a lift to go and pick up my vehicle. A $39.00 charge for the lift.
After arriving at the tow yard I showed my paperwork, they told me that I needed to get a release form from the place where I just left an hour ago. I handed the paperwork they gave me
said that was not a release form
Which I now than had to get another lift to go back down to the place I just left. paying $47.00
After arriving I went in took a number and waited 45 min for them to tell me I needed a title or registration.

I then hired another lift to go to the tow yard to pick up the registration in the glove box 47. 00.
Paying another 47 dollars more to go back to the property, to give them my registration to get a release form.
I picked a number and waited 1hour 45 min
Paying another 47 dollars to go back to the tow yard.

After arriving at the tow yard, I was told I needed to pay $265 for the tow plus $75.00 four notification fee.
The notification letter was sent by the police department to notify me by mail to an address they don’t have
to notify me where the vehicle is located.

Isn’t the person that sent the letter paid by the people to do that.
Is the paper and ink envelope stamp paid for by the people?

Why do they charge $75.00 dollars to send a letter in the mail?
Because they want to, and we are too ignorant to do anything about it.
In total it was $575.00

This is the reason for making this video, to show what ower government is doing to collect revenue
of the backs of free people.
In this video, I’m going to explain what your drivers license is, what it isn’t who it applies to and who it doesn’t.

In the next video, I’m going to show the fraud that is going on in our courtroom.
I will also expose the court system and how it is supposed to operate and how it operates illegally.
I’m also going to show how to beet all and any traffic citations.

First, let’s talk about What the DVMV is what codes are who it applies to and who it doesn’t.

What is UCC?
UCC stands for uniform commercial code. Uniform is military all military. commercial code is commerce.
Those codes are for international purposes only. it is what the whole world operates under for the purpose
of operating in commerce, or trade.
What is the Uniform Commercial Code used for?
Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) laws are established to regulate sales of personal property
and other business transactions a trade of goods, commerce Proffit a regulated activity.

The UCC is only a model or recommendation for what a particular state’s commercial
code might include; by itself, the UCC has no legal force. but that is what all criminal
courts operate under when it comes to traffic.

The DMV is for commercial purposes only.
When you go to the DMV and ask for a noncommercial license or a regular license which there is no such thing.
You will get a commercial license, and it will tell you that on the front.
your Driver’s license.. is a License that gives u permission to do what you are not qualified to do.
if you’re not in commerce, using the highway for profit in a regulated activity in a for-hire capacity,
you don’t need a driver’s license. you are not a driver.

A Driver is a commercial term one who is paid for the delivery of goods or persons of the like,
Truck driver Buss drive Taxi Driver delivery drive BLACKS LAW.

When you go to the store and you have your hands on the steering wheel and foot on the gas your not driving,
You don’t have to give up a right to gain privilege.

So you are simply traveling on a public road that you own.
What is a traveler? One who is going from point A to point B.
If you claim to be driving then someone is paying you to do it.
Your driver’s license is a license commercial documented contract.
Your state will tell you its not a contract.
If it’s not a contract then why does your name have to be on it?

What is a contract?
A contract is 2 or more named party
When you write out a check, Let’s say a plumber did some work for you.

When you signed that commercial license contract your drivers’ license, you agreed to abide by all the rule
regulations of the commercial highway.
Your state will tell you its a privilege. that is true. when you signed that contract it gave you that privilege
But what the stat won’t tell you is You gave up the right to travel on it to gain the privilege to drive.
Why would you give up a right?
wear ignorant.

But that contract was null and void before you put your name on it.
And when you signed your name on that contract and the other named party your
state new when you signed that contract without giving full discloser, its Froude.
If you have a license, it is a documented license commercial fraudulent contract.

Public road or highway
It is your inalienable right god-given right tax-paying right and the right that was given to us by our
forefathers a gift to travel on the public highway and not have to pay a fee for it.
You paid for that right.
You paid for the maintenance of it The paint that goes on it the grass around it the lights.
That road in front of your house and every highway across the united states is for the public, you own it.
Are you public? Yes. Is public free Yes.
No state can convert a right into a privilege and charged a fee for it.

There is no authority that can tell you you can’t use the public roads to travel on so long as you use it for what it is
intended for and no one has suffered a loss or harm from your actions.

What is a license?
A personal privilege to do some particular act or series of acts on land, without possessing
any estate or interests therein and is ordinarily revocable at the will of the licensor.
The permission or otherwise not allowable people v Henderson BLACKS LAW 6th addition.
Without it would be a trespass, a tort to do an act which, without such permission would be illegal
So if you don’t have a driver’s license, your trespassing. how can you trespass on public land?
This is our government.

Our government created so many codes of rules and regulations that they do not even know how many there are.
And you agreed to it when you signed that contract.
By that, I mean your driver’s license.
Your driver’s license is a licensed documented contract.
It gives permission to do a specific thing and that is drive.

when you are behind the wheel of your automobile with your hands on the steering wheel and you’re foot on the gas or break you are not driving. you are a traveler.
A traveler is one who is going from point a to point b.
You are simply traveling on a road that you own.
A highway is a free way to travel for the public to use their private automobile on the roads and highways,

The contract is two or more named parties on a document that isn’t
Your name is on their twice.
Once is your signature and then in all capital letters.
All caps is the straw man which is a simple of a corporation
and an affiliate to the state and are bound by all the rules and regulations of the commercial highway.

You don’t need a license to own a business.
You don’t need a license get married.
You don’t need a license to travel on a public road or highway.
In fact, you don’t need a license to do anything in this country.
You don’t need a license to be a physician just show me your qualifications
your studies school and wear your graduated your grades.
If you’re going to do heart surgery on me I don’t need to see a license
from a government that I don’t trust that gives you permission to do what rights you have.
I only need to see your qualifications.
WE need to start educating ourselves, what I mean about that is pick up
your constitution and read it again again and again.
The constitution is yours you own it a gift

The most important document in my opinion that applies to free people in this country
and if you don’t know your rights you can be sure your government will take it away.
Can you remember when you were given the constitution to read what grade? 3rd 4th.
Why do you think they gave it to you at such an early age?
So you wouldn’t understand it and forget about it.

Do you even remember given a test?
What does the first sentence mean?
Our forefathers were pretty smart men that had wooden teeth some with no teeth
It is a complicated document for most people.

Just as a project… go pick up your constitution and study it look up every word.
and start with the first one.
You can pick up one at most of your courthouse.
It’s about as big as a pamphlet you get at a rest stop about 4 pages.
One of the reasons our forefathers cam over here is to get away from the government,

and the created the constitution to protect us from it.

Your government is not going to teach you what it doesn’t want you to know.
Why don’t they make it mandatory for drivers ed? Isen t it just as important Phisicle ed.
Is it not important to teach a young person to operate a 2 to missile down the road at 50 60 and in som state 70 mils an hour. of course it.

The reason why is because they don’t want to teach you how to not violate code.
They WANT you to violate code.
That’s one of the ways our government makes billions of dollars off the backs of you and me.

It’s a multi-billion dollar business and you ain’t in it.
Look up the definition of what a business corporation is and you will find that it is for the benefit of revenue only
Do you think your government is here to protect your life liberty and pursuit of happiness?
Or is it for revenue?
I do believe we have to pay tax.
I don’t believe we have to give uprights.

I operate under God’s law man’s law natural law, law of the land.

You have a choice, stand on your constitutional rights, or join the club and sign the contract and give up your rights.

In the video on my website www.